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IMG_4749Mollie Moorhead, CAS, CMT

Hi! I’m Mollie Moorhead, and it is my passion and great joy to help people heal themselves. You are an infinitely creative and unique being on this gorgeous planet right now for a reason. Health and harmony are your birthright, but you have to claim them. Ayurveda is a powerful tool to do just that – That’s why I felt in love with it and make it my life’s work. Here is a little bit about me and my professional training:

I began learning about Ayurveda for my own self-care and wellbeing from my yoga teacher Cary Twomey 2006. I felt like I had been seeking Ayurveda for years without exactly knowing what I was seeking, I was hooked from the beginning, read everything I could get my hands on, and couldn’t wait to help others in their lives using this amazing work.

I began formal Ayurvedic study in 2009 as a distance learning student at the California College of Ayurveda(CCA), a California state-approved college for the study of Ayurveda, which meets or exceeds the educational guidelines of the National Ayurvedic Medical Association. In March 2014, I completed the Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist internship, the highest level of training offered at CCA. I have also trained in Ayurvedic body therapies, Marma therapy  (Ayurvedic acupressure) and am a certified massage therapist. I have also been an avid practitioner of yoga and meditation since 2002 and have done yoga teacher trainings at the Heartwood Institute, and later with Tias Little in Omaha, NE, as well as many workshops to deepen my practice. I taught yoga in a variety of settings for four years before I got re-directed and went full-time Ayurveda. In my spare time, I love playing music alone and with friends, dancing (any kind), hiking, biking, cooking, urban foraging, and being at home with my partner and our cat. contact:

sica gnome picSica Bajada, CMT

Hi, I’m Sica and nurturing others through massage on their path to full empowered health is my path. The body is perfectly capable of healing itself and I guide this process through energy work and massage. Posture, over use, lack of use and stress can accumulate creating need for regular activity and maintenance. It is a gift to have the body you do! I’ve nurtured and cared for others my whole life. The spectrum from young children to special needs young adults to immobile elderly funneled smoothly into a deep and dedicated massage practice with an intensive program at the National Holistic Institute in 2010. Having received and healed old physical and emotional wounds through regular massage enlivened and awakened my path. Passing this wisdom and healing on to others is the premise of my practice.

Yoga and meditation are massage’s close cousins. We’ve had a great practice since 2003. Dance allows my soul to sing through my body and I’ve had a rich life of this movement. I am also a trained Zumba Instructor. Otherwise I love to swim, h ike,jump on enormous trampolines, and bike ride. I sing and play the ukulele, love to make and enjoy vegetarian foods with others, camp at Mount Shasta and be a supportive community member. 


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  1. Mollie,
    I just read your post “My Winter of Soup/ing?”. It was lovely and exactly what I needed.

    Amy <3

  2. Hello Mollie –

    Was so fun speaking with you on Monday, I know this is a little presumptuous of me but I think you would do so well on Living social and you would be able to keep more than half of our ladies long term. I have gone ahead and submitted an internal application to get you approved on our site for a 2 week run, we can run you whenever you want to run, I was just hoping to secure a spot so that we can run you in the future, the bay area and the east bay have a wait list of 2-3 months, would you have some time to go over a work order form so that we could get you into the production que to run after amazon runs its course? please call me if you can on Monday so that we can discuss, you can also reach me on my mobile over the weekend :)

    Anthony Mejia | Living Social/Amazon Local| Marketing Advisor |
    Direct: (530) 238-5124 | Cell: 310.709.7853

  3. You have such a beautiful website, Molly. Well done! And the retreat sounds lovely. I wish I could join you. Perhaps next time. Did I never get back to you about a business question you had. I can’t remember now, except that you asked if possible for me to reply. My guess is it wasn’t possible, and I’ve since lost my note on the question. Try me again, if you’d like. Wasn’t it about moving to a larger suite in the same building. If that’s it, my advice is to do it only if you can carry it financially, even if that requires taking a loan somewhere. But I’ve seen too many businesses expand too soon, beyond their projected income and then the whole thing goes down.
    Be well and your family too.
    much love,

  4. Hi! My friend (who visits from Chicago) & I were thinking of purchasing your deal on Livingsocial. She is a Mommy & could use a nice massage… I think she would find Ayurveda to be interesting too, but she is leaving tomorrow… We have a cedar enzyme bath appointment at Osmosis (near Sebastopol today) Looks like you probably don’t have availability for her later today/tonight (Wed) or before 2pm tomorrow, Thursday, but if you do, please let me know. Thank you so very much!

    P.S. I will plan to see you soon either way, but If you are not available for my friend, & have any other recommendations for us, will you please contact me? I’m hoping this visit will be rejuvenating for her & a gift to her. Thank you so very much!!

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